The Third Generation Blessing

The third season release of Destiny

God says to you, look up, and have faith because the best is yet to come. It was not yet the season for the fullness of time to come in your life when you watched others move forward, but you stayed stagnant or stuck. To everything there is a time and a season, and God is now accelerating your journey, and his promises to you will explode.

Brace yourself and be prepared for your suddenly. Even as Jesus was released in the fullness of the timing of the father’s eternal plan so your time has come.

Abraham and Sarah,
Joseph, had a third season harvest.

God is enhancing and multiplying what you have sown, your gifts and your ministry.
Those who only come to their ultimate destiny in the third season of their lives, whether their natural or spiritual lives, receive the same reward and the same fruitfulness level as the labourers who have laboured long,because God will press fast forward and they will be like Naomi blessed in old age
This life is just a platform for eternity and what we learned or do at the end of our lives is not wasted but is retained for our eternal purpose which will only be manifested in the third season of Gods master plan for his world
The labourers who came last received the same payment
Payment based on obedience and faithfulness. The years which the locust stole will be restored and multiplied.

You have not and will not miss out.

You will inherit generational blessings which have been denied to you,
Blessings from those who sowed before you, open doors to salvation of spirit soul and body easily accessed because spiritual pioneers went before us. Your children both spiritual and natural will come back from the land of the enemy.

We are in the spiritual third generation.