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God’s heart has always been to communicate with us

Pathways to Destiny

“I will even make a way where there seems to be no way, a highway to dwell on….”

There are many different pathways we can walk on in life. All of these pathways are different. They can be narrow and winding, made of dirt, rough and hard to walk on, wide and paved, or large, straight and easy to make fast progress on. The state and condition of the road determines the type and amount of traffic it can carry.

Latest Writings

The Day of The Lord

The day of the Lord                    by     Sheena Ryan  Can a nation be changed in a day? We know that nationhood was restored to Israel in a day, but the day I am talking about is the God type of day that does not slot into 24hour time, but is a season during which God’s plans and purposes are released and activated.  As this day is dawning, the night is withdrawing and there are a number of new things that God is setting in place. …

Do not be weary in well doing! Galations 6:9

Many are feeling the weariness of the heavy atmosphere, the constant negative news updates, conspiracy theories, and now the awful disaster in Afghanistan. Our hearts are heavy for loved ones, fellow believers and the world in general. We cannot carry such intense spiritual battles without using divine wisdom to discern which battles we are to engage in. If we try to engage with prayer or action in every possible battle front at present, we will find our bodies and minds…


The principle of being quiet, is often difficult to apply, since we naturally want to talk about the problem, and sometimes we need to do this to the right people, but advertising our problems can not only bring criticism, but attract demonic spirits to harass our minds. Jesus did not open his mouth in his defence when he was led off to be crucified, even though he could have called multitudes of angels to rescue him and kill his captors.…

“God WILL complete what he has begun in you.
He only needs your obedience and co operation.”
~ Sheena Ryan

Latest Prophecies

Cast off weariness

If you are weary from waiting for your answer to prayer, your promises of ministry, and especially your hopes for your familys’ salvation and welfare, then lift up your heads from that deep discouragement. Your children will return from the land of the enemy, your tears are held in Gods’ bowl, he notices, responds to, and answers them, in the right time and season. He will not let you down or count your tears and prayers as insignificant.Jesus is a…


Pastor Sheena Ryan  October 2nd 2020 You’ve been, held back, squashed, controlled and stopped by recent circumstances, but this has just been like a bowman, who holds back the string which contains the arrow to its’ maximum position to obtain maximum release. Yes the season of release is here, individual and corporate release are about to launch. Don’t miss out!! This is for you, not just for some. Your resources, calling, gifts and destiny are waiting to be fulfilled and…

upheAval shall bring DIVINE alignmentS AND FULFILLED PROPHECIES!!

God has heard the cry of the unjustly treated and the broken, he is both allowing and producing upheaval at this time. He is shaking everything that can be shaken so that WHAT CANNOT BE SHAKEN WILL REMAIN. SOCIETYS’  EUPHEAVALS WILL PRODUCE GODS’ PURPOSES AN EDICT BY THE RULING CAESAR SAID THAT WORLD SHOULD BE REGISTERED. THIS CAUSED JESUS TO BE BORN IN NAZARETH WHERE PROPHECY SAID HE WOULD BE. Jesus was born in Bethlehem according to the prophecies, because Caesar…