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God’s heart has always been to communicate with us

Pathways to Destiny

“I will even make a way where there seems to be no way, a highway to dwell on….”

There are many different pathways we can walk on in life. All of these pathways are different. They can be narrow and winding, made of dirt, rough and hard to walk on, wide and paved, or large, straight and easy to make fast progress on. The state and condition of the road determines the type and amount of traffic it can carry.

Latest Writings


In order to enlarge your faith, you need to pull down every mental and emotional stronghold which blocks your spirits’ growth. You need to silence every voice that rises against the word and will of God for your life. You will need to maintain and increase momentum, just because you have lost it, doesn’t mean you can’t get it back. You will need to rely more upon the anointing of the Holy Spirit than upon your spiritual gifts and strength…

HOw to discern between real and counterfeit activities and spirits

How can we steer clear of activities which involve and give allegiance to demonic spirits.? The bible speaks of satan presenting as an angel of light, so beautiful and believable that even believers will be deceived. Matthew chapter 24 also talks about the signs of the end times, just before the return of Jesus, and it defines deception as one of these major signs, “many will be deceived”. Deception usually has some truth in it. The truth is what attracts…

IS THAT PROPHECY FOR ME? – how to discern what is yours

DISCERNING AND INTERPRETING PROPHECY FROM ONLINE SOURCES God speaks in various ways through various people,no one person has the complete picture about our lives or the plans of God for global seasons.  We all hold a piece of the prophetic jigsaw, so this is why the bible teaches us to; Discern/Judge ALL prophecy by the word of God in the Bible, and by the witness in our spirits and by the witness that other spiritually mature people in our world have…

“God WILL complete what he has begun in you.
He only needs your obedience and co operation.”
~ Sheena Ryan

Latest Prophecies

A new day that won’t come again

It contains opportunities and challenges which must be navigated and even overcome. Don’t be afraid of missed opportunities, God can restore them even if it means that you will travel a round about way. Your gift and calling are given without repentance, so if you’ve blown it, repent and ask God to restore re align and re position you. Yes He will. God WILL complete what he has begun in you, he only needs your obedience and co operation. Take…

Are your areas of supply and communication blocked?

Habakkuk 2:17Though the figtree does not blossom and there is no fruit on the ivnes,though the product of the olive fails, and the field yields no food, though the flock is cut off fom the folds, and there are no cattle in the stalls. Yet will I rejoice in the Lord, I will exult in the glorous Godof my salvation.The Lord God is my strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army. He makes my feet like hinds feet, and…

Glory revealed

The Glory which shall be revealed in and through us is rising. Australia it is your time to shine and to see Gods glory upon you The eyes of the world are upon you like never before. You are receiving generous donations from around the world, reaping back the generosity which you have shown to the poorer nations which could not give back you you. God will reveal his power through supernatural weather events which will halt the fires. Christians…