“God WILL complete what he has begun in you. He only needs your obedience and cooperation.”



“I will even make a way where there seems to be no way, a highway to dwell on….”
There are many different pathways we can walk on in life. All of these pathways are different. They can be narrow and winding, made of dirt, rough and hard to walk on, wide and paved, or large, straight and easy to make fast progress on. The state and condition of the road determines the type and amount of traffic it can carry.


Hear What the Spirit says to the Churches

Discover the current positioning and purpose of Christian believers and churches in the end-time battle with "Hear What the Spirit Says to the Churches." Gain insight into God's plan for the culmination of this age and your role in it through a comparison of the churches in Acts, affirmations and rebukes, and commentary on the book of Revelation.


21st Century Prophet

Unlock the secrets to navigating your destiny journey with the comprehensive guidebook, The 21st Century Prophet – Second Edition by Sheena Ryan. Gain insight into spiritual warfare and discover the keys to successfully operating the prophetic gifting. Enriched with new content and worksheets, this book is a must-read for those seeking to know more about God's ways and their own destiny.


Spiritual Keys to Soul Restoration

Discover powerful prayers to break generational and personal bondages with this Soul Restoration Workbook from Sheena Ryan. Identify symptoms of spiritual bondage and find healing under the blood of Jesus. Recommended for use with an experienced counsellor or pastor. Buy now for a deeper understanding of spiritual bondage and break free from negative patterns in your life.


Joy Comes

Learn how to overcome grief and find healing after loss with this comprehensive guide. Discover the different types of grief and find a wise counselor to help you through the process.


Exposing Counterfeit Spiritual Therapies and Practices

Understand the Origins, and Discover True Protector Learn how to protect yourself from counterfeit spiritual therapies and practices, and discover the spiritual authority to keep you safe from demonic spirits and false teaching.

Glean from Ps Sheena ryan

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Prophetic words from Ps Sheena Ryan


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