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God’s heart has always been to communicate with us

Pathways to Destiny

“I will even make a way where there seems to be no way, a highway to dwell on….”

There are many different pathways we can walk on in life. All of these pathways are different. They can be narrow and winding, made of dirt, rough and hard to walk on, wide and paved, or large, straight and easy to make fast progress on. The state and condition of the road determines the type and amount of traffic it can carry.


If you are feeling uncomfortable, confused, uncertain about your next step

If you are feeling uncomfortable, confused, uncertain about your next step, it’s because God is pushing you out of your nest of comfort The mother eagle puts sharp sticks into the nest If her eaglets don’t fly out on their own. If they don’t leave, the mother does. Their hinger will force them out, if not they will die. The human equivalent of this is that if we don’t choose to move out of our familiar and comfortable places, we…

God can place you exactly where you need to be

At the time of the birth of Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, a census was called and everyone had to go to the town of their birth. This caused Jesus to be born in the region prophesied by Isaiah. God can place you exactly where you need to be to fulfill his purpose for you. But only if you obey him as Joseph and Mary obeyed the authorities of the day. God is drawing in fine lines, detail upon detail,…

Tears and Turmoil

Tears and Turmoil Tears are liquid words Psalm 38:9 TPTGod holds our tears as very precious, He takes notice of them and understands them, even as Jesus was a “man of sorrows and acquainted with grief”, so our heavenly father also empathises with us in our sorrows.Psalm 56:8“You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book?”Indeed, doctors have found that tears of grief have opioids in them, so when we say “I had…

“God WILL complete what he has begun in you.
He only needs your obedience and co operation.”
~ Sheena Ryan


What I see for 2024 and beyond prophecy

WHAT I SEE FOR 2024 AND BEYOND PROPHECY SHEENA RYAN I see doors which are stuck, backed up with mud so they won’t open. I see doors which are broken, they have been damaged by fear and demonic opposition, I see opportunities waiting, some have been long deferred and even seem to be without the possibility of fulfillment. I see the year/s of the open door being released to those who have positioned themselves before the throne of God in…

God is speaking to His Church

God is speaking to His church to grow up. Or to be more spiritual I should say, come to maturity. For so many years, the church corporate has judged by appearances without looking deeper. for instance, on the subject of physical healing. If your healing is not manifested, the you must lack faith. However, some years back, God started to speak to me about His desire to bring me and all of us to maturity where we would not judge…

Prepare for the Supra Natural

Prepare for the supra-natural Yes this is a word, defined in the dictionary as “ forerunner, leader, pioneer, a prefix meaning “above, over” (supraorbital) or “beyond the limits of, outside of” (supramolecular; suprasegmental). God spoke this word to me, and I had never heard of it but YES this is a word in the english dictionary. God says to be prepared to take the lead in ways you have never done before, be prepared to step up and go outside of…