What I see for 2024 and beyond prophecy

I see doors which are stuck, backed up with mud so they won’t open. I see doors which are broken, they have been damaged by fear and demonic opposition, I see opportunities waiting, some have been long deferred and even seem to be without the possibility of fulfillment. I see the year/s of the open door being released to those who have positioned themselves before the throne of God in submission and trust.

I see hope deferred for many, who feel it is too late to walk into their destiny door. But the almighty God says, nothing is too hard for me, no nothing at all. Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not yet know. There will be a great increase in Divine revelation, the door of revelation will open, and that which the Body of Christ has not yet understood will become clear.

You have only seen the door but have not been able to fully see what lies behind. I will reveal in full what your next stage is, don’t push on the doors that are stuck, do not use your natural strength for it is not enough. Call to me and I will open these doors, call to me and I will heal the broken doors. They `were broken through the words of destruction launched by those who oppose you and your destiny. They broke through the attack of the furious demons who fear your mantle. Even now they tremble because they see the spiritual authority which you have been

I am speaking to these doors God the almighty one says, and they will be opened speedily.

Put your battle boots on, rise from complacency and discouragement, be ready to enter into the season of breakthrough, firstly in warfare.

The warfare has been beyond intense, and many have been attacked especially in their families. There has been disruption and confusion and relationship breakdown, but God says, but GOD says, I am sovereign and have sent my warring angels to disrupt these family attacks. The attacks on your families, have taken your full attention off the purpose of your mantle, and this assignment will break.

Your name has been slandered, and also your reputation, but you will see vindication, and restoration ten times over. I see chains of accusation breaking, shattering into dust. You will look and try to see those who opposed you, but they will not be able to be found. You will be like the woman accused of adultery, whose accusers fled before Jesus, exposing their own sin. The Spirit of vindication will overpower the spirit of the accuser of the brethren, once and for all!!!

This year will bring the miraculous into play, the unusual miracles spoken of in the book of Acts, will arise, it will be easy to flow in, and the pulling down of these assignments will make room for you to flow in the miraculous. The attacks have been sent to drain you and distract you but look and see what I will do this year. The unbelievers will look with wonder and believe in me, there will be supernatural salvations of people of all religions, especially those who worship other gods, I will even appear to them. The spirit of religion will crash to the ground.

There will be a unity of three nations, Australia, England and America that will launch revival. Their unity will be caused by the divine calling I placed upon them when their lands were formed.

There is a spiritual link that will be activated and there will be round tables of the fivefold ministers from these nations, to strategise the processes that they will bring into play, to lift my name and release my power to those nations who reject me.

You are entering into the separation of the sheep and goat nations season. Some will rise and some will fall over the next three years. There will be a transfer of power from the demonically controlled nations, to those who exalt my name.

My Church body will also go through this process, and those who have been through my refining process and have submitted to it, will be positioned for the new battle.

That which has been confused and scattered and even stopped by the hand of man against my Church Body, will now be precisely positioned and be seen by all as my divine hand ordering my Church.

There will be a roar in the Spirit as my people arise in faith and authority, they will stand without fear and break down the plans of the enemy. Yes for such a time as this, you were born. I have people positioned in governments who will stand forward and uphold the gospel. They have been hidden by me waiting for this time.

The governments that are controlled by fleshly, worldly and even satanic agendas will start to fall. Be very watchful and very alert as I uncover that which opposes my will. You will see the door open in heaven that is spoken of in my word, as the heavenly starts to come to earth.

My spirit will fill the earth, my power will be plain to see for all, and mankind will be without excuse. Stand fast, keep your armour on, and you will walk in the fulfillment of my end time purposes.

The Ezekiel army will rise from their valley of scattered bones, The Joel army will rise and run on the walls, my Spirit will be poured out upon these armies and they will carry this anointing into battle. Israel will be honoured and increased in strength, yes the Messianic Jews and the Christian Gentiles will walk in love and unity, and many among the Jews will receive the revelation of Jesus the Christ the Messiah.

Align yourself in my battle order, find your place and watch and see and take part In the final battle of the beast and the bride, you will see my glorious bride totally defeat the beast, because underneath her wedding gown, she wears battle boots.

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