Special Forces Prayer

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At this time, with so many serious issues worldwide, and as Russia has invaded the Ukraine, it is easy to become confused about how and even what to pray for. Is it even possible to pray for so many needs?

The answer is probably not as we all have to sleep sometime, although I believe that spiritual watches are assigned by God to specific Christians, which should cover needs completely if those Christians obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit when He calls them to pray.

I will write more on how to know what watch God calls you to in another article.

Praying machine gun prayers, like “God save the whole world”. or “ God stop the Ukraine attack”, are good up to a a point, but we as Christians have been given the dynamic, apostolic and prophetic authority to determine what is occurring in our sphere of authority.

Jesus himself prayed to the Father, “let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, in the “Lords” prayer”.

Special forces are trained to fire in a specific way, targeting specific targets, not just sending large amounts of fire into situations which can be contained by targeted fire. So we also, should pray targeted prayer as specifically led by the Holy Spirit.

In a natural war, all troops are given their “arc of fire”, that is a defined area which they are responsible for watching and responding to any enemy incursion in. This is meant to make sure that every possible area is covered and soldiers are not shooting into the area assigned to others.

The Bible teaches us that we also have defined area of specific responsibility to pray for;

Your first sphere is you own personal life, what you put into it and what you let out of it.

Your second sphere is your immediate family, spouse and children in particular.

Your third sphere is your God assigned ministry. What are your spiritual gifts, mandate and assignments at this time?.

Once you have determined these, then bind what needs binding and loose what needs loosing, in these spheres, whether demonic or even people instigated. Even Gods’ angels can be loosed into your situation, they are sent to minister to us the heirs of salvation.

Hebrews 1:14 teaches us this;

14 Are they (the angels), not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation “

From there, we go to our city or town, then to our state, then to our country.

Our geographic sphere is determined by our spiritual gifts. If we have general gifts from 1 Corinthians chapter twelve, then our warfare praying should be over our immediate region.

Don’t pray the binding and loosing prayers over any geographic region except your immediate area.

Larger geographic regions have assigned regional demons and that level of demonic authority needs to be addressed by the combined united prayers of the local church leaders and recognised Prophets and Apostles, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists as in Ephesians chapter four.

Severe demonic lashback can come against us if we pray outside of our assigned sphere.

BUT we can release blessings of all sorts over a country that is not our own, and of course our own as well.

We can pray for blessing and protection for the Christians in a country which has been attacked or which is ruled by ungodly and controlling leaders. Yes we can and should also pray for all the people in a nation under siege, but their first need is for salvation, and that should be our first prayer for them.

We can and should pray that Gods big picture plan will be put into place by all nations, no matter what they are doing.

Jesus said in Matthew chapter 24, that wars and rumours of wars MUST come to pass so that He is released by the father to return for His church.

So praying for a war to stop is not necessarily the best prayer unless you are sure that God has told you to do so. 1

Machine guns tend to send bullets in many directions at once and yet not necessarily hit the assigned target.

Special forces are trained to shoot one or two bullets at each target, and have extreme accuracy because of the amount of training they put in.

So find the target God wants you to hit to stop those things which are not His will. He does not want people killed in wars but has given man free will, so does not always intervene to stop it happening. If war is what it will take to bring His will to pass in the earth, then we should accept His will, while praying for the people in that country.

So use the weapons God has given you against the targets He tells you to.

Direct them right to the heart of the problem, be Gods’ special forces soldier,  you have been trained by Him, “your hands for war and your fingers for battle”, as David said for the current world situation as it keeps unfolding.