It’s time

It’s time to take your assigned posts for your new season. Soldiers stay at their assigned posts until released by God. Sometimes he sends you back from the front lines for some r & r, sometimes, He re-assigns you, sometimes He says stay under fire and engage the enemy.
Sometimes He says, worship and shout his praises. At the shout of an anointed warrior, the enemy will run.
The war cry will shake and vibrate and resonate amongst the enemy ranks until it produces change.
Alignment will be everything, more than ever in this season.
Are you aligned with those who strengthen and encourage you?, people who are friends of your destiny, and who will cheer you on.
For those of you who have been waiting for your orders, stuck in transition, change is imminent.
Don’t give up now. Be refreshed at the well of the Holy Spirit.
Soldiers who have been wounded in battle, lying on the battlefield, receive His healing ministry.
Soldiers who are strong, help those who have fallen.
Don’t shoot the wounded, Minister life to them.