The Purpose of the Prophets Mantle

Sometimes people see personal prophecy as a disincentive for people to hear from God for themselves. Sometimes it is seen as a palliative for the needy and weak, and therefore undesirable.

Personal prophecy and an individual’s responsibility to hear from God are not mutually exclusive.

When personal prophecy is delivered by a five-fold prophet, the authority in the mantle causes that word, whether personal or corporate causes the gifts and the destiny of the recipient to activate.
The mantle can break bond ages and heal brokenness to a degree that allows the recipient to mature and to embrace God’s plan for their life.

A prophet walks in a level of authority given to them by God for the purpose of “the edification of the body of Christ” .

Personal or corporate prophecy which is given by those who are not fivefold prophets, can and should encourage and edify, but the mantle of the prophet will turbocharge individuals and churches.
So there is a scriptural place for the ministry of fivefold prophets both individually and corporately.

A healthy prophet will be in partnership with other fivefold ministers and therefore balanced and respectful towards the authorities of the local church.
Prophecy which comes through a balanced and healthy prophet, will not be damaging, although some May use it in an unbalanced way.

Problems caused by prophecy are mostly caused by the recipient, and this is where the role of the local pastor comes into play. The shepherd needs to come alongside the sheep and shepherd them in the interpretation and application of their words.

The church leadership need to judge corporate words and apply those they are happy with. Prophecy must be judged, rightly discerned, and wisely applied.