Hold Fast

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The Bible exhorts us to HOLD FAST our faith in Jesus.Hang onto that faith as if your life depended upon it because it does. !I read a post recently by a woman who had been a Christian but let go of her faith because her prayers were not answered and I felt so sad for her, but also understood up to a point.We have all been in a barren place where we felt alone and weren’t seeing answers, but the Christian walk is not an easy one and perseverance is needed to receive the fullness of our faith.It is very important to always keep eternity before our eyes, we are not at our final destination .God is allowing us to go through the deserts and the wildernesses, the storms and the pain because He wants us to become more like Christ SO THAT, we possess our promised land.We are required to hold tightly, wrestle for and refuse to let go off, our faith in Gods’ word and character so that we will stand with the former Heroes of the faith who now look down from heaven cheering us on. Hebrews eleven paints this picture.The lady who wrote that post said she feltHappier now,And that is because the tensions were let go of, but the growth is in the struggles.So HD FAST to your faith in Jesus no matter what, it will all be worth it!!