Do not be weary in well doing! Galations 6:9

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Many are feeling the weariness of the heavy atmosphere, the constant negative news updates, conspiracy theories, and now the awful disaster in Afghanistan. Our hearts are heavy for loved ones, fellow believers and the world in general.

We cannot carry such intense spiritual battles without using divine wisdom to discern which battles we are to engage in.

If we try to engage with prayer or action in every possible battle front at present, we will find our bodies and minds starting to breakdown. Jesus said to come to Him when we are weary and heavy laden, He knows we are not created to be in constant battles on all fronts.

Many minds are saying “it is all too hard for me, I will just stop all prayer except for my family”, perhaps even that if we are really weary.

Even as Moses, the great prophet and patriarch got so weary overseeing a battle, he need two warriors to hold his hands up, as when his hands were up, Israel won the battle, and when he dropped them through weariness, Israel lost the battle.

There are ways to protect and conserve our strength and we need to apply these keys.

  1. Choose your particular battle, you do not have to pray for every problem in the world. Pray and stand at your assigned spiritual gate. Your family, your area of your nation, the political causes as revealed to you by the Holy Spirit,
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit for His wisdom and revelation before accepting a mandate to pray for any other thing. Gods’ body is designed for each part to carry their own share of the prayer load.
  3. Choose your battle buddies, friends with the same heart as you, the same fervent heart for God, the same visions. Then communicate with them, pray with them, and draw on their strength.

4, Go to Jesus when you are weary, He understands and knows where you are at, He waits for you to call on Him for help. Matthew 11:28

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  1. Ron Sims

    Thank you Sheena. What a timely word!

    #3 above stands out. Moving to HOTR, we feel as if we’ve found a group of battle buddies.

    1. Sheena Ryan

      HI Ron

      Glad I was a blessing, love that scripture and it is very encouraging. WOW moving there, a great church

    2. Sheena Ryan

      Thanks Ron

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