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Faith is an action word, if you read Hebrews chapter 11, you will see that most verses begin with the words “By faith”,and are then followed by a description of what a Bible, patriarch achieved through their faith in God and his directions to them. In verse 36 however, the narrative changes, and speaks of those who were martyred for their faith, because they would not renounce their faith, the cruel Roman empire killed them. Verse 39 says that these people obtained a good testimony through their refusal to renounce their faith, but did not receive their promises in this life. This was because God had Prepared and Provided SOMETHING BETTER, which was to receive their promises in alignment with future patriarchs of faith. Chapter twelve goes on to talk about the witnesses who surround us meaning angels but in particular those who died in faith before us, who are in the grandstands of heaven cheering us on. So we must lay aside the weights of sin and fear, weariness and weakness so that we can keep running the race of faith. Jesus Himself had a race to run, and he did so by looking at the JOY which was waiting for Him when he returned to heaven to His Father and the angels and the souls who waited there, who had died without seeing and knowing and possessing the gift of God’s righteousness, given by faith and received by faith. These forerunners waited with joy and faith to see the completion of Jesus’ assignment and no doubt received him with joy as the Father handed Him the crown for winning his race, and seated Him at His right hand, the seat of authority, evermore to intercede for us.The rest of Hebrews chapter twelve goes on to speak of our need to submit to Gods’ disciplines so that we can come into the place of spiritual maturity that will make us fruitful and able to carry the weight of glory that Jesus did. His glory shall fill all the earth, that is you and me firstly, so that we release and project kingdom glory to all the earth.