Dual Mantles

Elisha asked for a double PORTION of anointing. God is now releasing DUAL MANTLES, the mantles contain more than the anointing, they contain more than double authority and functionality.

The Apostle and Prophet combination mantles will be present as dual five-fold mantles. They will be present In the lives of those who have persevered through the fire and storm.

The new level of commissioning is here, embrace the new, you are not finished, you have just begun.

There will be all different mantle combinations too, so the individual body members become multi-functional and able to use the two-edged sword against the enemies who come on both sides at once.

At times you will do the work of the apostle, planting, building and directing, at other times, you will discern the heavenly realm and its current message, revealing the words of our chief prophet Jesus Christ.

Whatever the need, you will be able to meet it using the dual mantle. Don’t confine yourself to one function, God says to enlarge the borders of your tent.
New, weightier, more glorious mantles will clothe you. From now on, rise from your dust and ashes, your season of death.

The reason many things have not made sense to you is because God is shifting your paradigm, your mind has had to be totally renewed. Don’t look for God’s ways in the old systems and methods.

You have never been this way before, so let God lead you by the hand, step by step, even though you can’t see the next step. It will take new faith levels, you have it in you. God built your faith through the fire and the battles. Miracles will be the outcome of this level, not the catalyst which creates faith. They will become commonplace, corporately received and released merely by the shadow of the believer.