Commanded unity for Commanded Blessing

It is a time when God is commanding the unity of all His people from all races, creeds and nations
God has raised the bar so that he can release his blessing, his outpoured tsunami of glory to fill the earth. Man was created from earth and we are earthen vessels that God would fill with his glory until we overflow and seed that glory into the atmosphere. It will fall like rain and rise like dew.
He is smashing the barriers of generations, genders and ethnicity. He will melt into his melting pot of unity, all Australians, First Nation indigenous people, Australian-born whites, and from all nations, and all who have come to our shores from all nations.
God is raising up his own grey nomads to release the accumulated wisdom and revelation of their years. To sow it as seed into the fertile soil of hearts that recognise the value of this wisdom and revelation. Those who don’t recognise its value, cannot receive it.
He is placing His people from all nations in this melting pot, of his fire to cause the unity of His body.
Now is the time to choose very carefully who you will align yourself with. God is rearranging alignments, and it is important to be very alert to the voice of God about relationships and alignments.
We need to purge our motives and agendas and heal relationships and proactively pursue unity, even and especially at the cost of our own pride.
In 1 Chronicles 12, we see the template for unity, which will accelerate the purposes of God.
Mighty leaders came and laid down their own agendas for the purpose of putting David on the throne.
After this, Jerusalem was returned into the hands of God’s people, and the ark, the presence of God established again in God’s house.