It is a new day!!!!!! 2020

Yes it is, you don’t feel it yet, but the page in your book of life has been turned by God. You feel the wind as the page is turned but do not yet know what it is caused by. God says Don’t fear, Don’t run, Don’t let your natural mind determine your new day.

God is throwing out and overturning your old ways and ideas. This is a day when there will be birthing, multiple birthing indeed. Spiritual twins will be the norm and what your feet walk on will become yours, what you speak will reverberate and multiply the answers.

So embrace the new, let go of the old for it is truly obsolete.

It is a day to launch forth without being afraid of failure for surely your God will send his angels to catch you and remove you from danger and position you in a safe landing place. Let go of your natural abilities because supernatural abilities are now being released, divine downloads with inventions, and ideas are released, reach out your hands of faith.

Your families are being restored and prodigals are coming back to the house like never before. They will run from the pig pens of sin and rush to their families and churches, for God is gathering his end-time army. Do not disqualify people by your own judgements for God’s sins I am washing and cleansing and restoring soldiers for my kingdom, I will raise up the disqualified and qualify them myself. There is a fast-forward season coming upon Kingdom matters.

Be ready, alert and aware and look with your spiritual eyes not with your natural, not according to the flesh but according to the Holy Spirit.

Children are going to share my word even in church services and prophesy in churches and community marketplaces and gatherings.

Their innocence will proclaim my glory, and the abused and trafficked children and teenagers will flow like a river to freedom, speedy healing and voices for my kingdom.

Lost wealth will be found and restored in unusual ways, I will restore what the locusts have eaten, and my ways will surprise and bring awe. I will be seen as the Holy God by those who have not believed or who have scorned and dishonoured me. Watch the weight of my judgement and love, my holiness and power fall upon many. Be like the virgins who kept their lamps filled my church, pure like virgins, belonging to me as my holy bride. Get your lamps cleaned and remove the old oil, it is no longer about manifestations for enjoyment, but it is about oil that will purify and re-align, which will heal and refresh the dry ones. Put new wicks in your lamps, let everything be ready for yes I am coming soon.