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We are currently seeing new outpourings of God’s presence in the US, in particular. The outpouring in Asbury, is wonderful to see, especially as it is the younger people who have received it. Surely to some extent God is blessing the young people in that country because there have been so many school shootings there, and this outpouring is bringing some healing to that generation.
Yes, we who love Jesus have prayed for many years for this, and some have prophesied it, but do we actually recognise it when we see it?, and what are the parameters of a God-given revival?.

The first time I heard about the outpouring of God’s Spirit at Asbury College, I started to ask God some questions.
For instance,
1.what do you call revival God?, is it the same as what man calls it?
2.Why do these outpourings start in certain places and not others?
3.How can we nurture and keep alive these outpourings? Should we even try to keep them going or just allow the Holy Spirit to direct them from beginning to end?
4.What do you want me personally to do about it?

Here are the first things that God said to me;
In the old testament, God gave Moses very precise instructions about building the portable Tabernacle and the first temple. One of these included the building of a wooden box, [an ark], for the specific purpose of the abiding presence of his spirit. Since it was before the cross, the people, in general, had no access to God’s presence, only the tribe of Levites, the priests had that access.
New Topical Textbook for Ark of the Covenant

Dimensions, of
Ex 25:10
Ex 37:1
Entirely covered with gold
Ex 25:11
Ex 37:2
Surrounded with a crown of gold
Ex 25:11
Furnished with rings and staves
Ex 25:12-15
Ex 37:3-5
Tables of testimony alone placed in
Ex 25:16
Ex 25:21
1Kings 8:9
1Kings 8:21
2Chron 5:10
Heb 9:4
Mercy-seat laid upon
Ex 25:21
Ex 26:34
Placed in the Holy of Holies
Ex 26:33
Ex 40:21
Heb 9:3-4
The pot of manna and Aaron’s rod laid up before
Heb 9:4
Ex 16:33-34
Num 17:10
A copy of the law laid in the side of
Deut 31:26
Anointed with sacred oil
Ex 30:26
Covered with the vail by the priests before removal
Num 4:5-6
Was called the
Ark of God
o1Sam 3:3
Ark of God’s strength
o2Chron 6:41
oPsalms 132:8
Ark of the covenant of the Lord
oNum 10:33
Ark of the testimony
oEx 30:6
oNum 7:89
A symbol of the presence and glory of God
Num 14:43-44
Josh 1:6
1Sam 14:18-19
Psalms 132:8
Esteemed the glory of Israel
1Sam 4:21-22
Was holy
2Chron 35:3
Sanctified its resting place
2Chron 8:11
The Israelites enquired of the Lord before
Josh 7:6-9
Judges 20:27
1Chron 13:3
Was carried
By priests of Levites alone
oDeut 10:8
oJosh 3:14
o2Sam 15:24
o1Chron 15:2
Before the Israelites in their journeys
oNum 10:33
oJosh 3:6
Sometimes to the camp in war
o1Sam 4:4-5
Profanation of, punished
Num 4:5
Num 4:15
1Sam 6:19
1Chron 15:13
Protecting of, rewarded
1Chron 13:14
Captured by the Philistines
1Sam 4:11
Miracles connected with
Jordan divided
oJosh 4:7
Fall of the walls of Jericho
oJosh 6:6-20
Fall of Dagon
o1Sam 5:1-4
Philistines plagued
o1Sam 5:6-12
Manner of its restoration
o1Sam 6:1-18
At Kirjath-jearim twenty years
1Sam 7:1-2
Removed from Kirjath-jearim to the house of Obed-edom
2Sam 6:1-11
David made a tent for
2Sam 6:17
1Chron 15:1
Brought into the city of David
2Sam 6:12-15
1Chron 15:25-28
Brought by Solomon into the temple with great solemnity
1Kings 8:1-6
2Chron 5:2-9
A type of Christ
Psalms 40:8, Rev 11:19

Only the ordained priests could carry this ark when the Israelites moved location, no one was to touch it for any reason except these priests.
On more than one occasion people died for touching it, for looking into it and just for trying to steady it to stop it falling.

These seemed like good and logical reasons to touch and protect it, and I am sure these men had good motivations to stop the precious box which contained the presence of God, from falling and perhaps breaking.

But there was no compromise on this, God had spoken and those who did not obey him died.

God despises the ways of man when they infringe upon his ways and commandments.

So we need to treat these outpourings/revivals with great care.
The Levitical ark is a type and shadow of how we should nourish and honour his presence among us, even though he no longer dwells in objects made by man. He now dwells in human tabernacles and so we are responsible to honour and nurture his manifest presence, in our lives and churches.

We need to keep any outpouring safe from ungodly and humanistic interference, by keeping the hands of man off it.

I believe it is scriptural, and that good intentions alone do not please God. Obedience to Him is what He requires. Don’t try and copy what is happening elsewhere, the Holy Spirit uniquely gifts His presence to each people group, or geographical region. It can and often does look different in each outpouring.
Geographically based outpourings which lead to Revival. Sometimes God appears to choose locations for outpourings both at random, but also by historical significance.

For instance the Asbury experience, which many are calling a revival, had occurred before on that property, more than once. It appears to be a geographical location that is open to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

It seems a spiritual seed is planted when God first appears in a location. For instance, God told Isaac to open up the old wells of his father Abraham and also build new ones, [Genesis 24].

The old wells had been closed off, some by the heathen nations who pursued Israel, and some simply because of neglect to keep them clear of dirt and other debris which would close them. Isaac, the new carrier of leadership over the Israelites, had not previously had the responsibility for the provision of water for his people. We could say that symbolically, clearing the natural wells, made way for the spiritual wells to flow. That is for Gods’ people to go on to inhabit their promised land.

So geographical locations where outpourings have previously occurred, appear to retain a spiritual portal through which God pours out his manifest presence. This presence often contains miracles, lengthy worship sessions, even continual worship. There are also mass and spontaneous salvations during such outpourings. Surely a revival poured out by God should bring the lost back to life as well as refresh the body of Christ, renewing us back to first love, and raising people from physical death.

Jesus has given His church power to bind and loose and has also told us to occupy the lands until he comes. Certain geographic areas have been claimed for God by the prayers and lifestyles of previous Christians, and some have been claimed for satan by demonic entities. We need to see revival from sanctified areas taking back that which has been claimed by demonic entities.

There is currently a lady travelling the world and ministering deliverance to individuals in small and large crowds. Kathryn Krick, has named this ministry “Revival is now”, and people are being mightily delivered and saved. About ten years ago, she planted a small church in the same area where the Azusa st revival happened many years back, but in a different building. It never really grew but she faithfully ministered there and started travelling.

Very recently, they were given access to another building for their church which is very close to the original Azusa St outpouring. I believe her location near the origin of the outpouring, has opened a portal for the Holy Spirit to pour out upon that church which is now growing rapidly as is her itinerant ministry. In this case her personal anointing and obedience to God has also made room for this. The combination of geographical history and the obedience of those called to facilitate outpourings, has activated them.

2.We need to keep our hearts and churches clear of old rubbish so that clean water can flow from the wells of our lives.

The Levitical priests were given very strict standards of holy behaviour by God so that they were able to carry out their duties and carry his presence. Today we receive the holiness of God through the work of the cross, but must also maintain that holiness in our actions and daily thoughts and words. The OT ark, could not be carried by the unsanctified and people who disobeyed this no matter how good their motives, were killed by God.

The Holy Spirit of God lives in clean vessels and is attracted to our hunger for His righteousness. This can then go on to become an outpouring, and even further to what I believe an ultimate revival is.

That is, not worship alone, but deep repentance by Christians, and spontaneous salvation outside of churches, as well as inside of them.

Natural walls should not contain that which God pours out.

In my opinion, such outpourings should not be called a revival unless there are other certain radical elements obvious. In particular the deep repentance and salvation of those who may not even have heard the gospel.

If we settle for less, then how shall the glory of the Lord fill the earth?, that is our earthern bodies as well as the physical earth.

Sometimes God just shows up for individuals. For instance, when Jacob, had left his family and was alone in the wilderness, while he slept he had an open vision of a heavenly ladder upon which angels ascended and descended. He also heard the audible voice of God, giving him the guidance he needed. We don’t call that a revival even though it has some of the elements of it. [Genesis chapter 10]
We also see God responding to the cry of his people and sending plagues against their enemies which would prevent them from going to their promised land. By sending angels and miraculous cloud by day and fire by night provision, to allow the Israelites to travel in safety and relative comfort. Not to mention the miraculous food, called the manna. [Exodus]

This could be called a revival, as that which seemed dead and beyond hope, came to life. Gods’ people who had been very cold in their love for Him turned back to Him, although with much grumbling in spite of all the miracles.

It seemed, and was in fact hopeless for the nation of Israel to be freed from the control of Pharoah, but God raised up a deliverer. The obedience of Moses, albeit after much complaining and expressions of his inadequacy, activated this revival.
There are also many instances of these appearances of God in the Bible, which are spontaneous and are the response of God seeing and hearing the need of people, and sending help from the sanctuary, as in the book of Exodus.

I believe we need to be cautious in our wording we use about these outpourings, and give some consideration towards the fruit that is seen in the lives of those present during the outpourings and later on.

About ten years ago an outpouring occurred in a church in a town called Brownsville, usa. People fell down and could not get up again, they laughed hard and for long periods of time, the were filled with the Spirit, speaking in divine tongues for the first time. They were physically healed, and some had visions. The most significant result in my opinion was that people were emotionally healed, and drew much closer to God than before. They made new dedications to him, and many maintained those plus their new levels of sanctification and holy lifestyles.

At the same time, some people started copying what others were doing, and sometimes demons manifested.

When God is truly involved in anything we should judge it by its fruit and not just the feelings or impressions of the people.

We should ask “who is being glorified here”, is there the type of fruit that Jesus spoke of, “fruit that remains”, even the fruits of the Holy Spirit as taught in the book of Galatians chapter five.

So, I believe we should seek God for his instructions at this time, sometimes it is good to physically go back to previous places that God had called you to, in which you feel that the fullness of your purpose there was not completed. Go back and pray for that area or church, your presence alone may be enough to activate an outpouring. Since you left, people may have softened their hearts. Be mindful of your current placement, hold that area in the spirit and in unity with other Christians there.

Ask God for HIS WILL to be done in the geographical area he has placed you.

Obey any instructions he has given you no matter how difficult, YOU could be the carrier of revival in your appointed place.

So listen, hear, obey and believe so that the God-type of revival can not only break out, but also continue for His appointed time.