Be Fully Awake

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Be fully awake Luke 9:28-36

Jesus took his key leaders up the mountain with Him, Peter John and James.
These men were his inner circle, they were privileged to be invited to this higher level of fellowship and revelation

However, they found themselves overcome with tiredness, not surprising as the natural body was not created to handle the fullness of God’s glory
Perhaps they were also under spiritual oppression as the enemy attacked them because of their role.

It was not until they fully awoke (verse 32 amp), they could see his glory, splendor and majesty and also Moses and Elijah!

We need to keep our prophetic eyes and ears both circumcised, cut off from fleshly influences and sharpened by direct fellowship with Jesus through his word, he is the word, and through conversations with him.

Peter let his fleshly judgments dominate and suggested they build booths or places to come and meet with the patriarchs. He wanted to build memorials to the old.

When they entered into the glory cloud, they were filled with fear, and out of that cloud God’s audible voice spoke as at Jesus’ baptism declaring Jesus’ authority and commanded them to listen to him.

Be fully awake to the enemy who prowls like a roaring lion.
Be fully awake to Gods’ voice even his smallest whisper.
Be fully tuned in to what the Spirit of God says and not the spirit of man

At one stage, Jesus also taught his disciples that as watchmen, they needed to be fully awake to keep the thief out, we know who that thief is, Satan is the one whose role is to steal kill and destroy.

Don’t let him!