Word of the Lord 2012

God showed me a picture of children playing the game leapfrog, a game where one child bows down and the other projects themselves up and over them, the previous child then moves themselves forward by the same method.

It is a year to increase networking and dependency on peers. Each of us will move higher and further as we lean upon each other. God is bringing in the isolated prophet, those who have been so hurt and rejected that they are afraid to belong. He is asking us to lay down personal agendas and combine our vision and strength to move the kingdom forward.

Natural disasters will continue and increase and the world will turn its eyes to the church, during this season, God will raise up the hidden ones and reveal His Glory through his people as never before. The true prophetic will be heard over and above the counterfeit, the occult and the humanistic voices, and there will be a clear line of demarcation.

God’s grace is still extended to mankind and to the churches, but He is requiring us to de-clutter our lives and re-focus on eternity and eternal purposes. It is a year of fasting from everything the flesh enjoys, we must fast to refine our vessels as the word of the Lord will flow through the refined vessels in dramatic and impacting ways this year.

The media will take notice of what God is saying, they will ask the church for answers and many will listen and respond to Christ. It is a year when the harvest of souls will overtake the sower. What has been sown in past years will be reaped this year in every area of life for the faithful ones.

Australia will continue to, increase in world focus. The eyes of the world will look to us and our nation for answers.

There will be a dramatic political shift, God will not allow the destiny of this nation to be sacrificed on the political altar. He has set aside and preserved Australia for the end-time purposes, we must lift up the trumpet and let our voices be heard over the media. It is a time to seek to be heard for the sake of the nation. In the past, the prophetic voice has been trampled upon, dishonoured and discarded, but it is time to rise up and take courage and come out of the caves and the dens.

There will be much restoration of families and finances this year, it is like we are pulling back to gather what was lost so that we can leapfrog forward equipped with everything God has given us to activate personal and national destiny.

It is important not to gather old manna and be in just surviving mode, we are moving in to take the promised land and will be fed on the fatness of what has been enemy-held territory.