Word for Australia

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I saw twin water spouts off the north of the Australian continent. They were huge and people were saying “we have never seen anything like this before”. The water spouts started to move across the land they sucked up all trees and rocks, houses.
The people stood mesmerised and terrified.
The water spouts moved across every part of Australia and all that was left, were the people
A voice boomed out of the spouts saying “ This is MY LAND, dedicated to me, Give it back to me and I will cause it to fulfil its destiny”
Some of the people struggled to do this, some did not understand, and others said immediately “yes Lord, we give it back to you”
A fresh and new wind blew, dissolving the water spouts, and the water fell upon the dry and denuded land, it did not flood or sink through the land but soaked it. The people felt the refreshing of the rain, and those who had not understood or struggled to return the land to its true creator, now saw that good would come out of this.
They all lifted their hands, surrendering to the one true God and his son Jesus Christ.
Now fresh green vegetation grew, some bearing fruit. The land was richer and more productive than it had ever been, and all curses were broken from it.
True repentance gripped the hearts of the people, they destroyed their idols, and started to worship their one true God.
They heard a song,” My eyes are on this land, a land of rivers and mountains, desert and ocean, fire and rock. a land I have reserved for myself, a people I am creating to be the vessels of revival for the whole world.
A nation reserved to host my Holy Spirit, to which nations will come and drink of my presence, a nation which will carry my presence to the ends of the earth”
Australia will no longer be the down under nation, but the nation which leads the world to a knowledge of the one true God.
Do not fear for its future, but pray for God to open and close the borders as he wills and to send His rain of the Spirit.
As this is a land of natural fire, so it is of spiritual fire, His fire will only destroy what is not of Him and His rain will bring the restoration.