When the wicked appear to triumph

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At this time there are wicked plans of the enemy being exposed, and it is easy to feel afraid and overwhelmed. But God is not surprised or afraid or overwhelmed, He is still on His throne and His purposes will be worked out as the bride prays and obeys Him.

Psalm 37 is full of encouragement and understanding of how to overcome when our lives are impacted by the wicked one and his plans.

Don’t fret or worry when they appear to prosper or even when they do prosper

Psalm 37-The Passion Translation

32 Evil ones spy on the godly ones, stalking them
    to find something they could use to accuse them.
    They’re out for the kill!
33 But God will foil all their plots.
    The godly will not stand condemned when brought to trial.
34 So don’t be impatient for Yahweh to act;
    keep moving forward steadily in his ways,
    and he will exalt you to possess the land.
    You’ll watch with your own eyes
    and see the wicked lose everything.

Yes as always, God will keep his loved ones, his bride who walk with Him no matter what happens. We will see the goodness of our God in our lives and in his world wide church. So be brave, be lionhearted, your saviour comes to fully redeem us from this world and its’ systems, but in the mean time, we will continue to obey Him and receive His help from the sanctuary.