The Day of The Lord

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The day of the Lord                    by     Sheena Ryan 

Can a nation be changed in a day? We know that nationhood was restored to Israel in a day, but the day I am talking about is the God type of day that does not slot into 24hour time, but is a season during which God’s plans and purposes are released and activated.  As this day is dawning, the night is withdrawing and there are a number of new things that God is setting in place. 

1. New alignment of specific nations 

Three nations  in particular are changing in this prophetic day 


These three nations are,  

Australia, originally dedicated as the “Great South Land of the Holy Spirit by Captain Fernandez  de Quiros,  

The United states of America, originally dedicated to freedom to worship for all 

  ” In God we Trust” is a major foundation of their nation,  

The United Kingdom, originally dedicated to evangelising the globe 

These three nations are in the process of being reconciled and old wounds healed so that they may pick up the sword of the Lord together and advance against the enemy’s inroads as one prophetic army. Their destinies are intertwined and the old divisions caused by the injustices of convict ships, religious persecution and slavery need to be forgiven and healed. 


The spirit is speaking expressly that as this process is completed, true revival will start to break out like a firestorm in each country simultaneously 


This is why there is so much confusion in the lives of leaders, a sense of transition without clear direction, massive discouragement without clear reasons why and global repositioning of many of these leaders and also of those who are yet to appear from their wilderness, the unknown prophetic army who have been in hidden training. 

It is a time of great transition amongst all Christians, especially leaders, a time of great insecurity and fear, but also a time during which God is bringing forth the modern day patriarchs 


It is a Hosea day and the unity of the Body Of Christ emerging through these three nations will be strategic in breaking down the armies of locusts and releasing those in the valley of decision. 

God is shaking the nations and the body of Christ and the nations are aligning themselves for the final battle. It may seem to secular leaders that they are making decisions but God puts down kings and raises up kings 

2. The activation and release of his Holy Spirit empowered, kingdom minded church 

This is a church which sees Jesus, responds to Jesus, and obey the words of Jesus. It is not political and personal ambition has been taken to the cross. Jesus said to the disciples, pray  “your kingdom come, your will be done” His kingdom is being established through prayer and obedience., and manifested through this “church” of believers, across denominations, and individual churches, and those who don’t hear the beat of this drum, will keep marching to the same old tunes;Carnality, division, ambition, and selfishness 

This Holy Spirit empowered, kingdom minded church, hears the drumbeat of the Holy Spirit, it marches when he says go, it stops when he says stay, and it goes into the battles which He chooses. It knows when to go forward and when to retreat to a more strategic position. 

Personal kingdoms are crashing down and the kingdom of God is starting to bring times of resfreshing to the weary soldiers and power encounters between the army of darkness and the army of light 

3.         The strategic positioning of his called out company of people 

In this season; 

Don’t leave your post until God clearly shows you the next post, hold fast to what God has shown you, pray for christian leaders and non christian leaders of these three nations to lay aside their differences, reconcile and prepare to stand in unity. The three nations are symbolic of the God head, working in their own roles to a common purpose 

God’s heart for his people in this hour is to; 

Draw us closer to himself 

To do this he will cut off if necessary, everything and everyone that we lean upon and open our eyes to see him more clearly than we have ever seen him before, to hear his voice more acutely. and to run with his purposes more strongly. He is maturing us in the same way that children grow and eventually become the parents and patriarchs of their families. He will not allow us any longer to lean upon any one but Him. Those who continue to do so, will find themselves going through deep disappointment and hurt and God is allowing these things so that we will separate emotionally and possible physically from our leaning posts 

The cry of the apostle Paul, was that he might “know Him “ even as he was known.   Mankind has cried out to know God ever since  Adam and Eve took this intimacy for granted and then lost it 

In each generation before the cross a single person stood out, as the one who reached further than anyone else into relationship with their maker. Noah, Abraham, Moses, the list goes on and on, and I see a new generation of spiritual patriarchs raising up from all generations, nations and without reference to gender. 

Through the cross and the power of the Holy Spirit we now have a level of access to God that is unprecedented.  

I believe the cry of the patriarchs is the same cry that echoes and resonates through the hearts of believers today is but a small reflection of God’s yearning for His children to know him more and to enter into that realm of  relationship that will cause us to demonstrate the ‘ greater works’ that Jesus talked about 

Release the yokes that have tied his people down 

 Those yokes that the enemy placed upon us, those that men have placed upon us and those which we have placed upon ourselves. 

It is the anointing that shatters the yoke so that it cannot weigh us down any longer 

God is also healing the wounds of those who have been ‘wounded in the house of their friends’ 

In every civilisation, during every war, the wounded are taken from the battlefield and cared for with skill and compassion. One of the marks of the degree of a nationss’ civilisation is their willingness to care for the wounded. Traditionally the church has been very bad at this, but God is pouring out vials of healing oil, it is there for the taking and He is saying “drink deeply o beloved one of this fragrant oil, it will heal you from the inside out.” Just like the holy oil in the word, it is specially created to God’s secret recipe and it will heal longstanding wounds and bring unity into the lives of His body. 

Jesus also said “come unto me you that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”  

Pour out new revelation 

The prophet Hosea says, “ I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your old men shall dream dreams. “ 

This is not confining dreams to old men, or prophesy to sons and daughters, it is a picture of generations and genders all being involved in this fresh level of revelation 

The emphasis is on pouring out, not trickling out, and on the destruction of man-made barriers to receiving that out pouring. 

God is downloading unprecedented levels of revelation and a far greater ability to discern and interpret this revelation to those who will position themselves under the flow 

The enemy’s blueprints will be uncovered and God’s people will be constantly alerted so that they can halt plans and strategies of terrorism and destruction 

We live in the age of increasing communication and the release of unparalleled knowledge both natural and spiritual, and it is important to enlarge our spiritual communication so that we are not consumed by natural communication and yet to us the avenues of technology to share what God is revealing  

Change of the guard 

The guard changes at specific times, when the watch or the season is new, and God changes his watchmen, alerting and refreshing them to speak prophetically of His current purposes. God is raising up previously unknown voices to speak and declare his will and purposes. He Is removing those who have gone to sleep on their watch or failed to speak his purposes. 

Uncover the depths of his nature and character to us  

What does God want us to know about Him? 

He wants us to know his character. Moses said show me your glory, God said “I will show you my nature.” Moses could not settle for this, but it is the grounding of the knowledge of who God is that will cause us to stand in faith in the hardest times, because we know that he cannot deny himself even though all men may have lied to us, he remains faithful and we can depend upon this. I believe God is going to reveal more and more the depths and levels of his nature, not only the all=knowing all powerful God, the ever  present God, but his love will manifest itself to us in unprecedented ways. 

There is a fresh understanding of his love that will overwhelm us, the veil is starting to lift from our eyes and the revelation of this love will melt us. The Jesus talked about in Revelation had eyes like flames of fire. The fire that burns up sin, pronounces judgement but also burns the message of his love into our hearts. God says I have engraved you upon the palms of my hands. The love that burns in his eyes engraves itself on our hearts, this love will allow us to go through the fire 

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