Prophecies on Specific Year

Prophecies on Specific Year

What I see for 2024 and beyond prophecy

WHAT I SEE FOR 2024 AND BEYOND PROPHECY SHEENA RYAN I see doors which are stuck, backed up with mud so they won’t open. I see doors which are broken, they have been damaged by fear and demonic opposition, I see opportunities waiting, some have been long deferred and even seem to be without the possibility of fulfillment. I see the year/s of the open door being released to those who have positioned themselves before the throne of God in…

Prepare yourselves for 2013

Get ready for next year, prepare now, tie up loose ends and lighten your ship. No it is not a weather storm, or a natural storm, but a storm of Gods presence. High winds, but not damaging winds, supernatural experiences and many souls for the kingdom.

Word of the Lord 2012

God showed me a picture of children playing the game leapfrog, a game where one child bows down and the other projects themselves up and over them, the previous child then moves themselves forward by the same method. It is a year to increase networking and dependency on peers. Each of us will move higher and further as we lean upon each other. God is bringing in the isolated prophet, those who have been so hurt and rejected that they…