Pastor Sheena Ryan  October 2nd 2020

You’ve been, held back, squashed, controlled and stopped by recent circumstances, but this has just been like a bowman, who holds back the string which contains the arrow to its’ maximum position to obtain maximum release.

Yes the season of release is here, individual and corporate release are about to launch. Don’t miss out!!

This is for you, not just for some.

Your resources, calling, gifts and destiny are waiting to be fulfilled and will be fast forwarded to double  the degree they have been restrained.

The archers’ bow is about to be released……you will fly far and fast.

So prepare everything you need to run, to drive and to fly.

Your God is activating his final plans for his body, his beautiful bride. Arise and awaken and receive the restoration, receive your beautiful garments of fresh anointing, prepared for such a time as this.

The time is now to complete those things which God has asked you to complete, tie up loose ends and lighten your baggage. Travel light to run faster.

Lay down commitments from last season unless you know they are to continue into this season. Evaluate and estimate with Holy Spirit wisdom.

Lay aside those entanglements, habits and relationships which slow you down or trip you up.

Get Ready…..great excitement and joy is being released now and GOD IS GATHERING HIS CHURCH. No man can stop what God gathers. His bride will be stronger than ever and more unified than ever and more fruitful than ever.

Grief will be released from the past season, disappointment will break off like icicles as the sun melts them.

Receive the joy, it will be your strength.


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