Prepare for the Supra Natural

Prepare for the supra-natural

Yes this is a word, defined in the dictionary as “ forerunner, leader, pioneer,

a prefix meaning “above, over” (supraorbital) or “beyond the limits of, outside of” (supramolecular; suprasegmental).

God spoke this word to me, and I had never heard of it but YES this is a word in the english dictionary.

God says to be prepared to take the lead in ways you have never done before, be prepared to step up and go outside of your comfort limits, God is grieved with spectator Christianity, the Christian life is not a show, it is a journey of our relationship with God, outworked through our obedience to him.

He is saying wait no more for someone else to rise up you rise up.

He wants to reveal his power through the least ones, the unlikely ones, the, despised ones, those foolish in the eyes of natural man. We are coming into a season of supra-natural miracles, provision, and preparation empowered by the Holy spirit.

Stop disqualifying yourself, God does not!

We will see manna in the wilderness, ravens by the brook, divine fire upon what is evil and demonic, especially counterfeit spiritual manifestations and worship of the fleshly and demonic.

Loaves and fishes will be dynamically multiplied, as you embrace this promise, so you will receive its fullness.

Signs and wonders will occur that will draw peoples’ attention to the Lord Jesus Christ, but we must decrease so that he can increase.

As Jesus said “greater things than these you will do”, your have said, what can be greater than what Jesus did?, let Him open your eyes to see, and then you will do them.

Every crutch we have depended upon, must be thrown away, it will be all about HIM in ways we have not yet seen. Everything that has not been put through the fire, our un-sanctified talents and abilities and trainings must be released to God to purify.

The things we have trusted in can no longer be used for this season, lay it all down and call down the holy fire of God upon it. Lay down your accomplishments and let the fire reveal what was and is of HIM, only that which is of him can survive the fire of his purification processes.

One of the old testament laws was that any weaponry to be used in war must be of materials which would go through the fire.

All utensils in the temple also had to be made of materials which could be purified by fire.

Out of this fire, the miraculous, the supra-natural will arise.

The differences of this season will be the changes in Gods’ people, not only in the arrangement of church structures, although this is happening, but in the Holy Spirit re-arranging of hearts and minds

You have felt confused like never before, undone like never before, shattered and broken like never before, because it is a season of “never before”, we have not walked this way before in the natural, but the natural precedes the spiritual, and out of this breaking apart and undoing of all that is familiar, will come those things that eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, those things God will do, for and through those who love him.

You think you know what this means ,but you don’t because it has never been seen by human eye or human imagination before. But those who have yielded to the processes of breaking and purification will see and walk into this divine season of final preparations for the return of Jesus.

You can’t yet imagine what this will look like, but keep your eyes upon Jesus and as you look upon His face, everything will become clear.

The prepared will see him, the prepared will recognise Him, those spiritually awake and with lamps that are full of the oil of the Holy spirit will see and understand this season, and will see him when he comes and be caught up to meet him.

Some will have been Christians for generations who will be in this state of readiness, but some who have also been Christians for generations, will miss his coming because of cold or hardened hearts, lack of preparation through obedience, and a lack of the light of the gospel in their hearts and lives. Some will be brand new Christians,

God says open your heart to these things and then you will see them and do them.