Morning by Morning

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This is a key principle for living your life above and beyond the survival level. God gives us new mercies every morning, daily bread, and fresh manna. God does not ask us to live on leftovers, but constantly renews our strength and faith if we take the time to let go of what has past it’s use by date and embrace Him again. He does not ask us to bear more than we are able to, or go through trials in which we cannot find His strength.

It is all there, but we must look with fresh eyes each day to Him for His word for today. What is He saying today. He is always speaking, but are we always listening>

Yesterday’s revelation may or may not do for today. Sometimes He teaches us lessons that will last for a lifetime but which we need to refresh and remind ourselves of.

Sometimes we need a Rhema word, look in the Bible, that word is there and regular reading of it will unlock the Rhema word to you.