Let your loved ones off the hook

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One of the hindrances to healing of past hurts is that we continue to hold people, especially parents for what the did or failed to do for us or to us.
We say if only my parents had done…………

When we stop expecting people to be what they are unable to be for us, and accept their inability to fulfill our need, then we can place father God in the sovereign place in our lives.
When we release our broken expectations of loved ones to Father God for healing, we also release those loved ones from our judgements.
Sometimes this allows those people to be more functional, mostly however, it allows us to be more functional

If our loved ones have died, releasing our broken expectations, will still have a powerful effect on us, allowing us to move on from the pain.

We are created with a God shaped space in our hearts an even the most wonderful, parent, partner, pastor or friend, cannot fill that space.
Return to your heavenly fathers love as the true source of personal fulfillment