IS THAT PROPHECY FOR ME? – how to discern what is yours

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God speaks in various ways through various people,no one person has the complete picture about our lives or the plans of God for global seasons.  We all hold a piece of the prophetic jigsaw, so this is why the bible teaches us to;

Discern/Judge ALL prophecy by the word of God in the Bible, and by the witness in our spirits and by the witness that other spiritually mature people in our world have about it.

Receive words that we discern to come from Him-don’t speak negatively against them, obey anything God is telling you, either in the prophecy or in general.

Allow other prophets to judge our words

When prophecy is judged and put into the context of what God is speaking to us personally and what is happening in our lives, we can decide whether it applies to us right now. New prophecy must also be compared to previous prophecy. Record them, scribe them, underline common themes, then compare each prophecy to see if they have similar themes.

If it does, we need to start declaring out loud, “I thank you God that you said……..and I believe it”.

True prophecy is a sword God gives us, which we need to wield against that attack which will come against the word of the Lord.

When a prophecy is spoken over you personally, the enemy will come to steal the seed if possible. He will do this through, doubt, discouragement, unbelief both our own and that of others.

For instance if your prophecy promises finance, the enemy will come to attack your finances, thus causing you to not believe in a word which you previously believed in.

Your prophecy is sent by God as both a promise and a protection. The promise shows what He will do if we trust him and obey him, the protection prepares us for the attack which will come against our destiny calling.

Five fold prophets [Ephesians chapter 4], have levels of authority and spheres of authority that are diffferent for each one of them.

Prophecy from such prophets, who are recognised by their peers and who h ave a track record of accountability and faithfullness to the word of God as written in the bible, should be about their own sphere-   emotional healing, physical healing, finance,geographic regional warfare attacks etc.

Generally speaking, big picture prophecy is for those have have big picture authority sphere, city, country, whole world.

Portions of such prophecies can be applied to individuals, if it witnesses with your spirit, not your mind, you can take it and apply it through declaration. Romans 8:28 says “His Spirit bears witness with ours”. That is when something comes from God, our spirits will say yes. If you feel heavy or confused about a prophetic word, put it aside for another time. Don’t act on it or declare it, wait to see if you get confirmations through other prophets, Pastors, Leaders, wise counsellors, and of course, directly from God to you.

Other prophecies, should be designated for specific spheres-those who are in grief  etc.

Big picture words should be prayerfully processed and only received by those to whom they apply, those parts of that word that witness with you.

Such prophecies from recognised prophets will have hidden depths which will be revealed at a later date.

So if such words come through, and they don’t seem to apply to your right now, that is because they don’t. They may apply at a later date, so save them somewhere and review them later.

Prophets should give diligence to fine tuning their words, focusing carefully on the audience God is directing the to, they should know the area of prophetic specialty which God has given them authority over.

So at this time of year when prophets are releasing words online the speak of general seasons such as catapulting forward, release of finance, healing etc, weight them carefully, they are good, but may not be what God is releasing to you at this season.

God works in seasons, and our walk with God will determine what season we are personally in, which may not line up with the seasons which are prophesied. If it is not your season to be catapulted forward into new ministry, you should not seek for this, as unless God has caused your character to be at a place to carry the weight of new ministry opportunities,  you will not be able to bear that.

God give opportunities, the doors He opens, come with the new level of anointing needed for the new level of warfare which will come against you.

Trust God, hear from Him personally, discern and judge all prophecy, declare that which your spirit receives as the sword which God is giving you.