Healing from Grief

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Healing from Grief
The waves of grief wash over you
They beat upon your shore
The waves of grief wash over you, more and more and more
They grab your limbs to suck you down, your heart now drowns in fear
Your legs slip back, your faith falls down, you choke and cough and drown
And then your heart cries out MY LORD!!!!!!!!
And then you SEE HIM standing there,
Your eyes were closed by fear before
Your saviour and your Lord!!
You could not SEE HIM in your storm,
But you he could both SEE AND HEAR,
His hands reached out to you,
When waves crashed on your shore
But in your fear, your blinded eyes, saw nothing but the waves
So cry out now, MY LORD!!!! he is right there, in storm and fight and war, in grief and pain, and much, much more.