God is speaking to His Church

God is speaking to His church to grow up. Or to be more spiritual I should say, come to maturity. For so many years, the church corporate has judged by appearances without looking deeper. for instance, on the subject of physical healing. If your healing is not manifested, the you must lack faith. However, some years back, God started to speak to me about His desire to bring me and all of us to maturity where we would not judge by appearances.
It has been quite a journey, but I would like to share a small part of it with you.
in Hebrews chapter 11, which is commonly called the faith chapter, because it mostly speaks about the faith of the patriarchs.
It can be depressing if you have not yet seen your answer, however, God stopped me cold on verse 13, which says ;”these all died in FAITH, NOT HAVING RECEIVED THE PROMISES”.
I originally felt it might be a mistranslation, however, after reading more wonderful examples of answered prayer, I came to verse 39, which says “And these all, having obtained a good report through faith RECEIVED NOT THE PROMISE, God having provided something better for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.
Amazing!!!!!! We won’t necessarily receive our answer in our lifetimes.!!!!
Recently God dropped another gem into my spirit, verse 38nstartsn” Of whom the world was not worthy, !!!!.
Those who were so anointed and faith-filled were not receiving answers in their lifetimes, even though they were people whom the world was not worthy of.
Physical healing is wonderful and we should believe for it, and pray for it and expect it, but if we don’t get it, then we should not judge ourselves or others by that benchmark.
True faith keeps loving and serving God in spite of not seeing their answer they have prayed for and fasted for. God wants to deal with us as mature sons and daughters, not as toddlers who demand everything and throw a tantrum if they don’t get it.
God is bringing the Job like people of hidden faith forward to demonstrate how mature sons and daughters live their faith.