God is pouring out supernatural strength to those who stand in the gates

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There is a general weariness, even exhaustion, that many of Gods’ people are feeling at present. It is not surprising, that because of the challenges of the covid  virus, people would feel this way, but I believe that it is more than covid challenges producing this.

As the prophetic bride, we are naturally sensitive to spiritual atmospheres, and sometimes this causes us to be exhausted without necessarily knowing why.

In the parable of the sower, Jesus teaches that the virgins who waited for the bridegroom, fell asleep while they waited. The point of this parable is to teach us to stay ready and prepared even when exhausted, as some of the virgins had filled their lamps with oil, and some had not, and those who had not, were not taken into the bridal chamber. Jesus finishes it by saying “You also be ready as the bridegroom will come suddenly and unexpectedly.                   [Matthew 25:1-30]

I suspect it was not only natural tiredness that was illustrated by this parable, but the pressure of the end times in which the virgin bride waits for Jesus her bridegroom

We see the type of exhaustion coming upon the disciples as they left Jesus alone to pray. He had taught them to pray,and told them to pray that they would not be tempted, although he did not say by what.

they should at this time have prayed for this and for Jesus and stayed awake to support him. But the garden of gesthemane was not only full of the light of Gods’ angels, but also the demonic fallen angels, watching Jesus’ suffering and celebrating his coming execution.     I am sure as they ‘slept from sorrow”, some of it was also caused by the heavy spiritual atmosphere.         [ Luke 22:39-44  ]           

If you are feeling this exhaustion, which cannot be fixed by sleep, or diet changes, ask God to show you how to pray, and what to pray for. You are a burden bearer and are commissioned to watch and pray, and this sense of exhaustion and heaviness can sometimes be caused by the spiritual atmosphere.

Strength in our battles is essential because there is an accumulated exhaustion that can take us down, or even out of our destiny call, and many of Gods’ soldiers have fallen due to lack of strength, but God promises divine strength to us when we need it.

Psalm 18:39 for you have armed me with strength for the battle you have subdued under me those who rose up against me

Isaiah  28:6     God gives strength to those who turn the battle at the gates.

Gates are your places of authority, and we find when we are in the battle, that we can sometimes lose sight of our places of authority in God.

There are many illustrations in Gods’ word of our need for His strength , being told to not depend only upon our own strength.

As we consider the message of Easter, we can remind ourselves, that Jesus;

Carried the prayer burden of His preparation for the cross as he prayed in gesthemane, on his own and to the degree that he sweat drops of blood.

When it came time for him, to become sin, become a curse, carry all the sin and sickness of every person  by transference, he had to do it alone.  [Gal 3:13]

He cried out “Father , father, why have you forsaken me?” [Matthew 27:46]

If he had not done it alone, then the power of the complete salvation he was paying the price for, would not have been complete, as only the God man could bridge that gap.

Yes the physical agonies of the cross were massive, but they were nothing compared to the spiritual agonies of  him carrying the sin and sickness of the whole world, so that when each person repented, they would not be punished because Jesus was punished instead.

This covenant between mankind and God was sealed by the resurrection of Jesus, He took his blood into the holy of holies and placed it on the mercy seat, the blood of animals no longer needed or suitable to remove sin. [Hebrews 9:12]

Jesus said to His disciples to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow him.

This is not the cross of sin, since we have been forgiven [if we have repented], but we each have an individual cross formed of our lives’ pain, the price we need to pay to obey Gods’ purposes for us, and our own challenges whether physical or mental. This ultimately  means that we  obey God in spite of what we have to carry in our lives, until we enter into that final glory in heaven.

So we celebrate both the death and resurrection of Jesus, take up our own cross with the help of the Holy Spirit, and fight against spiritual darkness with our gifts, our armour and our discernment.

NIVEph 6:12
The Armor of God
12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

God is at this time pouring out supernatural strength so we can arise from out sleep, our apathy and our weakness and be the warrior bride awake and alert and full of the Holy Spirit, ready to meet the coming king Jesus.