God is Opening the Womb of Australia

1. The birth is imminent, overdue but imminent. All aborted spiritual seed will spring back to life, still born spiritual children will live again.

2. There is a divine connection between the southern states of America and Australia, a bridge that will increase the move of God in both nations. Old revival connections, places where the seed was sown, will become springboards for world revival. The birth of the new generation of prophets and apostles will be launched from unexpected places in this nation.

3. Prayers for America and Australia have been saved and maintained by God, none of those prayers are lost, previous revivals will spring back to life as the wind of God blows upon the embers. The fires of god were thought to be out, or nearly dead in some places, but they are not, they are just barely hot, but ready to spring up again. It is the bushfire season in Australia spontaneous combustion can occur from the combination of extreme heat, dry trees and eucalylptus oil, so also it is spiritual bushfire season.

Many in the Body of Christ are tired, God says rest now, refresh, there are battles ahead but we are about to see the most exciting season in history, for such a time as this we are prepared.

The fullness of time has come and God is releasing the undercover prophets and apostles, raising up the weary and defeated ones, bringing them out of the caves.