Eat Your Veggies

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You may have had parents who insisted you eat your veggies, the knew it was essential for your health. Very few children automatically like veggies, but as they eat them, a taste for them can develop.

There are days when the word of God can seem dry to us, perhaps influenced by our health or soul issues. It’s on days like that, we need to start munching and ignore our feelings. God says that as we hunger after Him and also seek Him, we will be filled.

Hunger alone does not necessarily lead us to deeper places in Him, but when we actively seek Him through prayer, worship, obedience and through reading His word, we make room for more of Him in our lives and become people with an overflow of glory that is contagious. Jesus is the word, as we look upon his face, in close worship, even in our closet and not just corporately, we walk in his infilling.

When a baby is born they stare at those who nurse them, especially their mothers, until their mothers’ face is imprinted on their natural eyesight. They’ve learnt to know their mothers’ voice while in the womb, but now they are learning to know her face. Their mother or others in close relationship, is now known by face and does not even need to speak to be recognised. This is a higher level of relationship indeed.

As much as we love and need to hear the voice of our God, their is a level of spiritual sight that is enabled by our seeking of him, when we look into His eyes and see his heart. It is this level of seeking God, that lifts our relationship to a deeper intimacy.

Beloved, hunger AND seek after Him and His righteousness

This is not passive, it is active.