School of Spiritual Warfare *PDF File*

School of Spiritual Warfare *PDF File*

School of Spiritual Warfare

Pastor Sheena Ryan

This workbook can be used in conjunction with workshops conducted by Pastor Sheena Ryan. It is also valuable for studying this subject as an individual. It covers many subjects from increasing your ability to hear from God, recognising counterfeit gifts, understanding the processes God takes us through from our initial operation of gifts and recognition of calling, to the full commissioning and mature operation of a spiritual mantle.


It emphasis christian character and gifting with keys to recognising your calling, and worksheets with prophetic activations. The second half also includes deeper subjects of spheres of authority and operating in those spheres. Armour bearing, intercession and much more.


The Voice of God
Separating the Real from the Counterfeit
Guideposts for Operating Safely in the Prophetic
What do I do with my Personal Prophetic Word?
The Purpose of Gifts
General Ministries of All Believers
Categories of Spiritual Gifts
1. Ministry or Five Fold Gifts
2. Spiritual Gifts
3. Motivational Gifts
4. Additional Giftings
How do I Know Which Gifts to Pursue?
Visions and Missions
Keys to Developing Your Gift
Am I A Prophet?
Types of Prophets – Old & New Testament
The Apostle/Prophet Dynamic
Developing Spiritual Authority
Watchmen and Gatekeepers
Praying for Pastors and Leaders
Mentoring My Gifts
From Calling to Commissioning
Pits and Pitfalls
Activations – ‘Practice’ Prophecy Sessions

Prepare for war 1
Remove the arrows and let the wounds heal
Get your armour fitted
Shape your lifestyle to your calling
Prepare for war 2
The shaping of a warrior
Know your Enemy
Types of spirits
Know your battle buddies alliances
Identify your Battleground
Types of battles
Walk in your authority
Authority levels, Esther
Old testament
New Testament
Armour-bearers and sword carriers
Endurance and victory