Joy Comes *PDF File*

Joy Comes *PDF File*

Grief is a natural response to all kinds of loss; even the smallest loss can create grief, which sometimes seems to be out of all proportion to the event. I will discuss the reasons for this in a later chapter.  Grief is a multi­‐layer process.

There are levels of grief from which we cannot quickly recover without help.

This is where we need to find a wise counsellor to help us through the grief recovery process.

There are different types of grief and the level of grief and recovery time which can be influenced by;


The timing of the loss

The meaning of the loss

The time frame of the loss

Sudden loss may trigger a more intense anger stage

There are keys in this book to overcome even long term grief;

Face your faulty belief systems-

Give God access to your emotions

And many other things


Joy Comes *PDF File*