Day of the new manna

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In the wilderness, without a visible means of provision, God bought a food called manna to his people. It was fresh each day, it had whatever nutrition they needed to keep them not only alive, but healthy, so they could enter their promised land.

Due to continual rebellion and disobedience, they stayed in the wilderness, apparently lost, until the whole original generation except Moses and Aron died. Moses himself was disqualified from entering that land because of his final disobedience when the people cried out for water, and God told him to speak to the rock, but he hit the rock in anger with the people.

We have heard before that the manner is a type of miraculous provision that God will also give us, if we depend upon Him and obey Him.

However, I see a new provision coming for Gods’ people who have been in the wilderness, feeling forgotten and abandoned by God, even though we believe the Bible when it says He will never leave us or forsake us, nevertheless our feelings have great power to dampen our faith.

To you who are circling around your promises but never quite getting into them, to you whose hearts are so heavy each day is a burden, to the faithful ones, who nevertheless keep seeking Him for his promises to become reality, to you at this time, God says “just a little while and all will be revealed, you are on the very edge of your long awaited breakthroughs, I will catapult you into the next promised land season.

Every demonic knee shall bow to your anointing, they may come out before you one way, but they WILL FLEE BEFORE YOU SEVEN WAYS. My warring angels are standing by and they will support you at your command. They are there to support the righteous. You will see the new manna of physical, mental and spiritual provision but know that I have been pruning you from rebellion and disobedience of even the smallest kind because you are my chosen end time warriors to go in and kill all the giants that would take strongholds in that land of promise to prevent my purposes for my kingdom.

So lift your eyes up from the circumstances and receive my provision so that you can be the end-time army who possess that which I originally prepared for mankind, but which was lost in the garden of Eden. Yes through the work of the cross, the saviour Jesus the Christ has reconciled you to me, and I will provide all that you need, for my purposes”.