Warriors Arise Online Training with workbook

Warriors Arise Online Training with workbook

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Sheena Ryan

This course includes my workbook “School of the spirit”, the teaching on these videos is compiled from parts of this workbook. I taught as the Lord led me, so you may not find exact notes on each session, but all the teaching along with others Is present in this workbook, including the Prophetic training teachings. I also include further notes from my teaching on “Spiritual Dynamics”. from which parts of the teaching videos have been drawn.

I am aiming to both teach and impart my experience and knowledge, so listen prayerfully, it is not a school in which you must learn everything and pass an exam, ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you listen and I am confident you will receive what He wants you to from each session.

Here are the sessions:-

Session one – Let God remove the arrows
Allow HIM to heal you from spiritual attacks and life experiences, you can’t go to war when you are broken, or if you do then you will fall and fail.

Session two – The shaping of a warrior
We should allow God to put us through his processes so that we can wear the armor that fits us and us the weapons he gives us.

Session three – Know your authority
When you understand your sphere, ministry gifting level and mandate you can complete your assigned destiny.

Session four – The qualities of a warrior
What characteristics does a warrior need to be able to stand the battle pressure and complete his or her assignment?

Session five – Sons arising in authority
God is looking for maturity in his warriors and this session will help you to understand this process.

COST $50.00 for the five sessions and the workbook.

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“To some extent, there is an overlap of material between sessions. I taught as the Holy Spirit let me, so there will not be dot point teaching which exactly follows the notes provided, so listen with the ears of your spirit, to hear what God wants you to hear”

Topics for this course

9 Lessons

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Session one – Let God remove the arrows?

Let God remove the arrows Warriors often push through for others without pausing to receive healing from wounding that occurs. Sometimes they do a temporary fix themselves, but it is important to include time to open your heart not only to others, but to God. Some wounds are severe and require the healing hand of God upon, to avoid burnout and deep discouragement.

Session two – The shaping of a warrior?

The shaping of a warrior God trains our hands for war and our fingers for battle partly by the discipline of sons and the building of character through circumstances.

Session three – Know your authority?

Two dimensions of this power of attorney The difference between authority and power Spheres of authority.

Session four – The qualities of a warrior?

The qualities of a warrior Gods’ SWAT team-special weapons and tactics.

Session five – Sons arising in authority?

God and the whole of creatoin are waiting for mature sons, not babies or teenagers, but adults in the spirit.

Material Includes

  • This course includes complete workbook “School of spiritual warfare” plus notes and videos.