Carona, An Instrument of Change, Judgement and Revival

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God has a big picture plan,which is his unbreakable and unchangeable will for mankind. His “boulema” will- [Greek for his unalterable sovereign will ], which cannot be changed by man.

Whether this virus is man made, demonic or simply an accident, nevertheless, Gods’ will is going to be done in earth and heaven as Jesus prayer in what we call the “Lords’ Prayer”.

We should be praying for Gods’ perfect will for mankind at this time. It will happen regardless, but when we pray this, we align ourselves with it, so showing our submission to His will. Even when we would not desire that event, we shouldn’t presume that God won’t cause or allow those things which produce suffering. His deep desire is for all men to be saved, and will use whatever it takes to obtain that desire. The salvation of all men is more important to God than their personal comfort.

He will either create or use whatever affects people and nations in a way which will bring them to their knees ,in fear of him and in recogniton of his love and forgiveness.

God is a God of mercy, but also of judgement.

He will choose when his mercy and grace for repentance and forgiveness of man will be removed.

The dispensation of mercy and grace is still here, but the dispensation of end-time war-gog and magog, is coming. This dispensation will include end-time judgement, as in the book of revelations.

God is re-arranging the power structures of nations. Kingdoms will rise and fall and be re-arranged in this time, national power levels are being re -arranged, and there is currently a jostling for power.


Unprecedented government upheaveal as seen in the uk with brexit, Australia, with our frequent changes of prime minister, the us with the russia scandal, tend to up turn the status quo, this is going to both indicate and release Gods’ end -time purposes.

God is exposing hidden agendas on a national and international scale, and it started with the “me too” movement, which has exposed secret sin from previous generations. The bible talks about hidden sin being shouted from the rooftops, if it is not repented of.

That which occurs in the natural will be followed by the spiritual. The spiritual will also activate natural events, geographic, and social. The spiritual seasons will initiate great changes which are necessary for Jesus to return.

For instance the dark ages was followed by the first printing press, the bible being transalted from latin to english, and the bible being the first book printed on the first printing press.

So out of the current darkness, great enlightenment can proceed. That enlightenment will also multiply and release Gods’ light and grace.

Only the father knows the day and hour of Jesus’ return as Jesus said, we can’t predict time according to our own man made calendars, but we can and should watch, observe and pray about those events we see that are unnusual or have the ability to shake nations and people groups.

In Matthew 24, Jesus taught of the events which would indicate his return, such things have been going on for many years, but have greatly increased in the last ten years. He told his disciples to watch and pray, not fear and panic.

God is shaking everything that can be shaken, so that which cannot be shaken will remain

God is IS HUMBLING nations which would damage those nations that uphold his Word. Although western nations have fallen a long way from upholding his word, it is in their foundations, and I believe this gives such nations Gods’ protection for a season, time to repent, and a softer heart.

Nations which blatantly worship demon gods, and which would destroy those who at least allow the sharing of the gospel, will face great pressure from God to repent quickly. Western nations and any others which have the gospel as their foundation, are also under great pressure to repent, but I believe because their foundation is the word of God, a spirit of repentance will be easier to activate.

Nations such as china which have HISTORICAL MISSIONARY INPUT AND DEATHS, will see the seed of those missionary deaths, which have fallen into the ground, bringing fruit of revival.

OUTPOURINGS OF SALVATION AND MIRACLES will overtake this plague and others, it will separate the wheat from the chaff -without much individual evangelism, but instead mass outpourings of Gods’ spirit will cause a falling in the streets, to come into repentance, and healing.

God is releasing signs and wonders so that He will be glorified, they will mostly occur without an persons’ input, sovereignly.

In the church and in the nations, the sheep and goats are being revealed and separated.

Nations which will uphold the gospel will walk in Gods’ protection and blessing and those which will not, will find themselves under great judgement.

There is also a move of Gods’ spirit to separate lukewarm Christians from their distractions, so that they can receive the outpouring of revival fire to bring them back to full and active christian life.

Those who are already in a place of burning love will be the first to be raised up into the end time army.

The end time army will come from the Gideons’ army types, watchful while they drink of the flow of the spirit, still holding their weapons in their hands.

So neither so occupied with seeking the blessings and feelings of Gods’ presence, or so lukewarm they will not even see the signs of the times, or so occupied with religious works they are without the obvious presence of God or the power.



By all means use wisdom and purchase food, but don’t panic if there does not seem to be enough, EVEN IF FOOD RUNS OUT, THERE IS STILL GODS’ MIRACULOUS SUPPLY TO CALL ON.

Seek the spiritual river of God, but stay alert to the enemys’ plans by keeping your spiritual weapons in your hand. Stand in faith that your God will supply all your needs according to his RICHES IN CHRIST JESUS, HIS UNLIMTED SUPPLY

God can make even your natural food supply, become more more than enough. Just like the boy who only had two fish and five loaves and under Jesus’ blessing it fed the multitude and had leftovers!!

So DON’T FEAR- fear produces changes in your body which will lock you into a place of constant anxiety fear and even terror.

Look up-your redemption is drawing near

The fear of the Lord is arising like never before, this is healthy and necessary, just don’t let fear of lack and of the future take hold of you. After all, the worst that can happen is that you will go to be with Jesus.!!!!


  • Gods’ will to be done in earth as in heaven
  • A release of the fear of God which will lead to repentance
  • Protection for those who are hidden under the shadow of his wing Psalm 91
  • Supernatural healings for those affected by corona, it is just a name which must bow to Jesus