Cast off weariness

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If you are weary from waiting for your answer to prayer, your promises of ministry, and especially your hopes for your family’s salvation and welfare, then lift up your heads from that deep discouragement. Your children will return from the land of the enemy, your tears are held in God’s bowl, he notices, responds to, and answers them, in the right time and season. He will not let you down or count your tears and prayers as insignificant. Jesus is a man of tears and acquainted with grief, He not only knows about your grief, he identifies with it and ever lives to make intercession for you with His father.Rest in His faithfulness and promises, He will do what He said, He is not a man that He should lie. All your support systems and networks have been taken from you so that you will trust only in Him, He will come to your rescue, and when you least expect it. Lean on Him and trust in Him and watch to see how He will rise with healing in his wings for your grief, disappointment and broken dreams.