But we see Jesus!!

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Heb 2: 9   “But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor, that He, by the grace of God, might taste death for everyone.”

Sight is possibly our most important sense, because it enables us to navigate our world with reasonable safety and confidence.

Spiritual sight, or discernment, also provides an open door for us to navigate Gods’ will in our lives. That inner sense of “knowing” something can often be from God even if we are not specifically asking Him for insight or guidance. Take notice, write it down and see what is confirmed.

We see a pattern in the Bible of the will of God being established on earth through people who served him, even before Jesus was manifested in the flesh.

For instance;

Matt 2:1 The wise men saw the divine star that to them signified the beginning of a prophetic season, that is the birth of their promised Messiah. These men were looking out for a change in the skies, they looked for the sign, and recognised it when it arrived.Only the spiritually wise and aware can see the signs of change. So they left their homes and travelled to the area which the star stood over.

Unfortunately, they told Herod, and this Herod was insecure and jealous of the idea of a God chosen king.  When Herod heard about this baby, he was troubled the bible says.

Spiritual leaders should take notice, that insecurity and jealousy could cause you to remove a rising leader, or treat them badly. God asks us to allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse and even scour our souls, so that our weaknesses do not divert or destroy His plans.

Satan attacks new vision at its birth, in the wild, predators stalk the female animals when they smell and see a new birth happening. Animal mothers have methods of drawing the predators away from their babies, but nevertheless, there is still a high death rate among newborns.

Human newborns are also vulnerable at birth, and so your dream and vision can be stolen when you are still birthing it and developing it, especially as you speak of it to others. Be careful who you tell, and cover it in prayer.

Once Herod heard of Jesus’ birth, God enacted a rescue plan to save Jesus the Christ from Herod.

Matthew Chapter 2.     Joseph was aroused from his sleep to move his family to Egypt, so that Herod could not kill baby Jesus. Strangely, God directed him to go to Egypt, the land from which their ancestors had escaped, the land which was full of idol worship. Sometimes Gods’ instructions make no sense, so close down your natural thinking, and do what God has shown you. Of course make sure it is not against the word of God, and seek wise counsel from Godly and prophetic people.

He was a Godly man who listened to the angel who told him that Marys’ pregnancy was divine. He had previously considered “putting her away quietly”, instead of publicly shaming her and possibly causing her to be stoned to death.

Because of what the angel said, he “Had no physical union with Mary to allow her conception to be recognised as divine”. A man would find that very hard as she was in fact married in the Jewish way of being seen as married when engaged. A woman also might find that very hard, although her pregnancy might be a distraction from those desires.

So after Jesus” birth, when the wise men had told Joseph and Mary that Pharaoh had asked to see this baby who was born king, when they intended to go and show him to Pharaoh, an angel appeared, was seen visually by them and told them to go to Egypt, the land of their enemies.

Guidance from God is often not what we would expect, so this is why we should not mix flesh and spirit. Joseph kept away from sexual relationship with Mary because that would be mixing flesh and spirit. We should not use our natural senses to judge spiritual matters.

The miraculous often precedes the new season, and it will require an obedient response to Gods’ instructions, often in strange and different ways.

People want to see Gods’ hand in their circumstances to believe, Job said he had heard God but now he saw God and so believed. But spiritual sight is more important than natural sight when it comes to matters of faith. Abraham left his home and family to head for a destination he had not yet been given. He could not yet see that land, but with the eyes and ears of his spirit he followed Gods’ leading. If he had waited for more clarity or the complete instructions he may never have become the father of Israel as God had promised him. He continually had to use faith, regarding Sarahs’ conception, and the ongoing wars and difficulties.

Our greatest season of birthing is upon us, those who are aligned with us will be our partners in this new birthing, so seek for wisdom in your alignments. Allow God to filter them, especially your inner circle.  

Abraham had to be separated from Lot for him to proceed. He had been told to leave his family behind, but he took Lot, who was a family member. Lot then chose the new land for his flocks by his natural understanding, but Abraham, used his faith that God would place him geographicaly where he wanted him, not by natural eyesight decisions.

God still uses angels to communicate with us sometimes, but they are not the primary source of our directions any longer. In fact there are deceiving angels around so don’t seek angels, seek Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is with us to teach us and to reveal to us the necessary divine directions. As we look at Jesus our saviour, let him fill our vision, as we speak with him and read his word, we will be directed divinely in this current turbulent season.

The Season of travail is over and we are giving birth, those difficult spiritual pregnancies and births will now resolve. End-time-baby ministries are now being born, they will grow quickly, they will be game changers in the growth of the body of Christ. They are anointed for the new day.

There is a new anointing being poured out upon the faithful ones who have looked only at Jesus and obeyed when they had no understanding.

You have waited and waited, it has been like the baby was stuck in the birth canal, but NOW IS BEING BORN WITHOUT DAMAGE AND ANOINTED FOR THE NEW DAY.