Be Still and Know

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At one stage, God said to Moses “come up the mountain and be there “.

God took him away from the noise and clamour of the crowd, the complaints and the criticisms of His chosen people.

Moses had to leave those things behind to hear Gods’ intimate voice and His directions.

God also gives us permission to just BE, to sit with Him in fellowship and sometimes Him alone.

To let the clamour of our lives go, for a time, so that we can clearly hear His intimate voice.

He calls us to himself as he went away from the crowds on earth, as His disciples sat at His feet to learn of Him.

To be a Mary and let the Martha duties go.

Just BE

BE STILL and know that He is God.

Until you really know that. The storms will terrify you and the critical crowd will drown out His voice, His intimitate voice meant just for you.