A new day that won’t come again

It contains opportunities and challenges that must be navigated and even overcome.

Don’t be afraid of missed opportunities, God can restore them even if it means that you will travel a roundabout way. Your gift and calling are given without repentance, so if you’ve blown it, repent and ask God to restore re-align and re-position you.

Yes, He will.

God WILL complete what he has begun in you, he only needs your obedience and cooperation.

Take your hands off the tiller, let Him be Lord of your decisions.

Microwave Christianity removes the power from the body of Christ, wanting everything quickly and easily, there is a price, Jesus paid that price for the forgiveness of our sins, and the price we pay is the laying down of our wills when they oppose the will of God.

His general will is revealed in his word to those who seek it, his specific will for you is shown sometimes in his word specifically, and sometimes in his still small voice. You have to quieten other voices to hear that voice.